ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty is a prestige line of natural and organic beauty products that combine superior colour performance and nourishing organics. Launched in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada by its founder Sacha Plavsic the now LA based company, has quickly placed itself as a niche colour cosmetic line which is available in over 15 countries globally.

The quality of each ILIA product is mirrored in its packaging. All ILIA cream lip products are housed in a sleek recycled aluminium case. Founder Sacha Plavsic notes ‘Once the contemporary packaging was in place, it was important that the quality of the product performance stood out as something new and unique in the beauty industry’.

What makes ILIA Beauty unique and sets it apart from the conventions of organic beauty is its ethical-sustainable approach in combining on trend pigments and certified super nourishing elements. Each ILIA product is filled with up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate the skin and more importantly, help aid in its repair. Our skin is our largest organ, and can absorb just about anything we put to its surface. ILIA is formulated with this in mind, and dedicated to creating the purest products possible.

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