DERMOVIA, the company name, derives from ‘solutions through the skin’. This LA based skin research company was founded by medical aesthetician Anita Sun and beautypreneur Mariella Scott through their deep-rooted passion to discover results-oriented solutions for the masses. It is this same passion which inspired the creation of the premiere Dermovia’s Home Facial Mask Series.

The ethical appeal of the Dermovia brand lies in their mission to create and deliver must-have professional skin health devices and innovative skincare treatments for every skin condition, and for customers around the world who want to maintain optimal beauty of their skin. Each Dermovia anti-ageing device utilises FDA-cleared technology in order to optimise skin cell rejuvenation, restore youth and safely and effectively reverse the effects of ageing.

Working together with beauty experts and scientists, Dermovia Skin Research conducts extensive clinical trials and performs rigorous safety and efficacy tests to ensure that their customers receive the highest level of quality and durability when using Dermovia products. In our rapidly evolving world, Dermovia is the Brand extending professional skincare treatments beyond physicians’ offices and beauty spas, making high level skincare more advanced, affordable and accessible for people to use in their own homes.

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