Luxury Beauty Distribution Experts That You Can Rely On

Luxury Beauty“I think people in this country have had enough of experts,” rallied a defiant Michael Gove in 2016. The penetration of the UK Beauty Industry by such scepticism has yet to occur as many luxury beauty brands continue to enlist expert services in order to excel in the complex and competitive market game.

MMCL’s influential distribution expertise, high quality service delivery and specialist brand management strategies make us FIRST choice for any luxury brand seeking long term commercial success in the UK.

MMCL employs a team of Industry and Junior experts who combine extensive career knowledge with new skill: to develop strategies that satisfy the needs and objectives of all MMCL clients; to maximise growth and market performance for all MMCL clients; and to support operations at every stage of our clients’ distribution channels.

Luxury beauty brands in partnership with MMCL continue to enjoy success in the market which derives from our expert services which include:

Luxury Brand Placement & Planning | Strategic Distribution Channel Selection | Effective Stock Management | Specialised Luxury Brand Management |Customer Services Delivery | Strategic Luxury Brand PR Management | Education & Training.

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