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Mark McDonald Consultancy Ltd is the leading full-service, strategic Brand Management Agency in the UK. We are known for helping to bring the best and most luxurious Beauty Brands to market and for guiding them to real commercial success. We deliver on all our promises and use our experience, expertise and connections to take the risk and guesswork out of building a successful beauty brand, in some of the most important and competitive markets in the world.

With an unrivalled understanding of the UK market, gained in over 15 years’ experience, we understand the critical importance of innovation to satisfy the constant demand for newness that drives the Beauty Retail Industry.  Mark McDonald and his team can unfailingly anticipate and predict trends and thus create space in the market by staying one step ahead. We recognise that in order to have real impact, this newness needs to be backed-up with smart financial planning, effective PR, marketing support and hassle-free logistical expertise.

With unrivalled contacts throughout the Industry, the Mark McDonald Consultancy Ltd can open all the right doors. With all the key retail connections in the market, from the most exclusive premium department stores, to the most accessible high street chains, the most far reaching on-line E-tailers and direct to consumer home-shopping channels, Mark and his team will take care of every aspect of retailing in the UK.

The Mark McDonald Consultancy Ltd in essence represents a select portfolio of exciting, innovative and prestigious brands and together we are rapidly changing the landscape of beauty retail in Europe.

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