Meet ABHATI SUISSE; Beauty With A Cause

By 20th July 2021Beauty

ABHATI SUISSE is the first ECO-LUXURY beauty brand to be distributed in the UK by this company. This is no ordinary cosmetics brand; ABHATI is a female empowering, uplifting and developing community.

Without even seeing or trialling any product from this brand, I knew that ABHATI was perfect for my post pandemic company.

Founded by lifelong social worker, environmental activist, philanthropist and beauty creator Anju Rupal, ABHATI is no money clawing entity; it is a beauty brand with a cause that filters substantial amounts of its proceeds back into Indian communities in order to provide clean and safe environments for women to live; to advance the education and social development of women in disadvantaged communities; but more importantly, to STAMP OUT inequality and overall harm to women.

To do this ABHATI’s founder Anju (who is of Indian decent) harnesses authentic, traditional, clean, organic and scent transporting Indian beauty secrets with advanced Swiss (where Anju currently lives) technology to deliver cruelty free, top quality and beauty improving luxury products for skin, hair and body of men, women – and the brand is even safe for use on children.

ABHATI, effectively is Anju Rupal’s tool to manufacture positive change and to nurture the development of women who are most disadvantaged in this world.

MMCL London is thrilled to be the home of such invigorating, inspirational and transformational luxury beauty and looks forward to doing its part for the ABHATI community.

This is #myABHATI.

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