By 19th November 2020Beauty

CLEAN PREMIUM BEAUTY Is New To The Consultancy.

Our drive and company ethos to introduce and supply high performance, ethical and cruelty free beauty bring us here; to CLEAN LUXURY BEAUTY.

Clean beauty not only in its brand message but by its advanced formulations of ONLY ethically sourced natural ingredients for ALL skin types which are sustainably and luxuriously packaged to PERFORM wherever they land worldwide.

Being one of the first brands to pioneer clean luxury cosmetics globally, the creation of every collection launched internationally by this clean luxury beauty brand is free from more than 70 ingredients including Isopropyl Alcohol, Talc, Hydroquinone, Mineral Oil and Petroleum and every collection, more importantly, is:

✔️ Non Toxic;

✔️ Cruelty Free;

✔️ Safe On All Skin Types;

✔️ Gluten-Free; and

✔️ Paraben and Sulfate Free.

This is YOUNGBLOOD MINERAL COSMETICS by Medical Aesthetician Pauline YOUNGBLOOD; we are thrilled to have YOUNGBLOOD MINERAL COSMETICS here at the Mark McDonald Consultancy.

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