MMCL Supports Cruelty Free

By 24th February 2020Beauty

With effect 1 January 2020 and in conjunction with existing MMCL EU certification policy, all MMCL brand partners must provide Cruelty Free certification from their product manufacturers and submit accredited certification to support vegan status claims. 

MMCL London has always supported Cruelty Free Beauty. Our company’s support has now deepened by its up front requests for proof of Cruelty Free formulations and productions from existing and prospective partners as well as from their manufacturing partners for each and every product created.

Like brands who enter the EU community without requisite regulation and certificate compliance for their products, brands in countries with Cruelty Free laws too can potentially break those laws. 

MMCL now requires a warranty with confirmation and certification evidence -where and if possible- of compliance where there are existing domestic CF laws. For example, Korea.

MMCL London Supports Cruelty Free! #MMCLSupportsCrueltyFree

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